In the marketing world, you’re always asking who’s doing what, what are the statuses, and are we going to make it to market on time? You know that using excel, email an word docs to collect, track and report marketing projects is slow, prone to errors and cumbersome.

Meet Trievr…your new best friend.

Treivr accelerates the development and completion of marketing projects, by creating an automated workflow with your team, 3rd parties and clients. You can design, develop, alert, review, approve with or without an e-signature and track status. You can also pull real time reports!

We work WITH project and task management programs to help fill the void that these programs don’t provide.

With Trievr you can now align all your players, see who needs to do what, assign tasks and alert those automatically when deadlines are approaching.

If you want to reduce creative costs, decrease time to market and gain control, Contact Us for a Free Demo!