There are so many ways to use Trievr’s Request Management Platform. Below are just a few examples!

Pharmaceutical Companies and Manufacturers

Using TRIEVR’s QM data collection forms and data request management features, you first identify your MFG teams, establish your request schedule from daily to quarterly time periods, set a due date and release.
TRIEVR will alert the MFG teams and provide them with an on-line form to enter the QM data.

If your MFG teams make hundreds or even thousands of lots in the time-period, no problem, TRIEVR provides an upload process that allows large volume MFGs to efficiently provide the data back to you. The data is immediately posted to the secure and encrypted central database. Your QM data is available in real time to export, review and report. More>>


Trievr accelerates the development and completion of marketing projects, by creating an automated workflow with your team, third parties and clients. Trievr is not a project management tool, but can work with it to help design, develop, alert, review, approve and sign-off and track status with it’s real time monitoring and reporting tool.Now you can easily keep track of all versions ALL in one place. More>>

Product Specification Management

Want to learn how to SAVE 1000’s of hours and associated costs communicating your product specs changes to your vast network of manufacturers and suppliers? DO YOU ALSO WANT TO improve your verification of receipt and change implementations – ALL WITHOUT USING DOCUMENTS, SPREADSHEETS OR EMAIL?


Trievr REMOVES the painstaking manual process of communicating and tracking spec changes to your manufacturers and suppliers. Our FDA GxP compliant SaaS based program serves as the bridge between your specification management system and those who need to be alerted. More>>