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We have been using Trievr for the past 2 years with KDC for their trackable claims handling solution, and this platform has virtually eliminated missed timelines. It has made all players accountable with its Metrics Dashboard and works well with multi-user coverage.

Sr Manager Global System and Trending, Johnson & Johnson

Are you a pharmaceutical company seeking a faster and easier solution to manually closing out audits, recalls and quality control compliance reports with your manufacturers and suppliers– that is FDA GxP compliant and works OUTSIDE your system safely and securely?

As a manager or executive in the quality control compliance, recall or audits department, we know you spend countless hours manually coordinating with outside manufacturers and in-house teams often leading to:

  • Emails that go unanswered
  • Mixed up document versions
  • Constantly tracking people down for a response

See How Pharmas and Drug MFGS Use Trievr to Streamline their Quality Metrics Process

Requests going unanswered?
Trievr tracks responses and keeps everyone current, even if someone's out.
Document versions getting mixed up?
With Trievr, you don’t have to dig through emails to find the latest version.
Spending too much time tracking people down?
Trievr can save companies hundreds of hours managing critical communications.
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centralization & sharing

When it comes to a request, TRIEVR keeps everyone on the same page by eliminating the reliance on email, and hosting all your files, messages, signatures and other data in a secure, centralized location. Share current state of the request with others in your group, so even if someone is out, business can stay on schedule.


compliance deadlines

TRIEVR automatically creates follow-ups and reminders, so you don’t have to worry about compliance gaps when signatures are missed or forgotten. Simplify your follow-up process when recipients don’t comply. No more side lists, sticky notes or spreadsheets to keep track of requests made by email.


version control

TRIEVR provides version control and an archived history of any attachment you tag onto your request, with only the most current version available to those retrieving it. Gone are the days when multiple copies of a document are sitting in someone’s email box.



TRIEVR takes on the time-intensive reminder process that you currently do manually. TRIEVR will send reminders based on the schedule you define, and if a recipient has several open tasks, all reminders are consolidated into a single email.



Automation, visibility and simplicity are the keys to improving your overall request efficiency. By giving you the ability to see the status of all your requests, and giving recipients a clear way to manage their task, the speed at which requests are completed are improved dramatically.



TRIEVR is FDA GxP compliant and goes to extreme measures to monitor and prevent unintended access to the system, and to secure all data entrusted to us. Trievr is also 21 CFR Part 11 compliant and delivers proven regulatory compliance practices for document control and related training across the business.We treat your data as it should be — critical, private, and secure.

Adopt Trievr and start saving time and aggravation for about 60 cents a day.


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